Privacy Policy/ Order Policy

On behalf of STL Stylings Crochet please allow 7-14 business days from the creating of small products. (Earrings, Necklaces) More detailed creations can take 3-6 weeks. Please take this into consideration when placing your order. If more time is needed STL Stylings Crochet will notify the buyer. Everything is created by two hands of the Owner of STL Stylings Crochet (LaNee Tay). STL Stylings Crochet appreciates your business and your patience. Please note that no refunds will be given. When ordering clothing measurements will be asked for STL Stylings Crochet will tell you were to measure and send visuals for you to go by, If you do not take the measurements correctly and your item does not fit correctly STL Stylings Crochet is not responsible for that issue! Signature requirement are in place for articles of clothing and can only be signed by the buyer! Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

 No Refunds

Peace & Love